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Jafonsogv901 Goes for Gold in FIFA 20 Weekly Invitational Victory

Published on: 06/26/2020
By: Tim Palmieri

Jafonsogv901 narrowly beat Th0m8s_om with a golden goal to become Europe’s fourth FIFA 20 Open Series Weekly Invitational Champion.

Let’s dribble through highlights from the Quarterfinals all the way to Grands.

FIFA 20 Europe June Weekly Invitational #4 Bracket

FIFA 20 Europe June Weekly Invitational #4 Bracket

1st Jafonsogv901 $250
2nd Th0m8s_om $150
3rd Ajax-Elmar_ & Jaaviieer_01 $100

Quarterfinals: Th0m8s_om (FRA) Vs. Dallano (LIV) 1-0

Week 4 kicked off with two FUT verified players. Dallano wasn’t afraid to pass back and across the field to advance on offense, while Th0m8s went with a more straightforward, never look back approach. Neither France nor Liverpool found any openings to shoot in the first half.

Solid defense extended past the 45-minute mark. Dallano finally created a chance to score, but blew it, paving the way for Th0m8s to counterattack for the first and only goal of the game.

Liverpool swapped some players and changed formations to freshen up the midfield, however, Dallano’s dragbacks and dribbles weren’t enough to pass France’s backline. Th0m8s moved on 1-0.

Quarterfinals: Jaaviieer_01 (FRA) Vs. IvanKlasnic17 (FRA) 4-2

The second game felt far more fast-paced thanks to extra goals. Jaaviieer scored a swift goal 12 minutes into the game, only for IvanKlasnic to maintain a steady offensive onslaught until he was finally able to tie things up at the 30-minute mark. Jaaviieer nailed a near-identical second goal to take the lead going into halftime.

Jaaviieer lucked out with an immediate penalty kick to extend his lead 3-1. Another goal for the Spaniard essentially ended the match due to the large deficit, but that didn’t stop IvanKlasnic from netting a second. Jaaviier advanced to the semifinals, 4-2.

Quarterfinals: John_white321 (LIV) Vs. jafonsogv901 (FRA) 0-2

Brandon called this matchup an open game due to neither player being known nor accomplished. In fact, this was John_white’s first-ever tournament.

The game started similar to the first with the chance of no goals in the first half, however, both players found more shots, leading to a goal for jafonsogv off of a rebound.

John_white struggled to get on the board. Meanwhile, France passed between defenders and nailed the shot through the small window in Liverpool’s defense to progress to the semifinals 2-0.

Quarterfinals: elijeropaulus21 (FRA) Vs. Ajax-Elmar_ (FRA) 0-1

Fresh faces took to the pitch in the last Quarterfinals match. Elmar hit the post twice, but failed to score in the first half. He then hit the post again in the third. Elijero got a clutch save to stay in the game with 15 minutes left in the match.

They say the best offense is a great defense, although it doesn’t matter how many goals you block if you can never reach the back of the opponent’s net. Elmar broke the scoreless tie with less than ten minutes on the clock to win.

Semifinals: Jaaviieer_01 (FRA) Vs. Th0m8s_om (FRA) 0-3

No one could score on Th0m8s prior to the Grand Final. On the other hand, Thomas took the lead 18 minutes into the game and Jaavlieer was unable to breach the behemoth’s defense.

Semifinals: Ajax-Elmar_ (FRA) Vs. jafonsogv901 (FRA) 1-5

Elmar primed a pause to start, but scored anyway, spurring no changes at all. Three minutes later jafonsogv scored to level the playing field, then followed with a second at the 21-minute mark. Elmar couldn’t impede jafonsogv’s progress after a third goal, so his only choice was to score more. He was unable to close the gap at the end of the half, coming close to the goal, but failing to capitalize on skill moves to finish.

Jafonsogv’s juggernaut offense touched the back of the net push after push, coming closer and closer to clinching a grand final appearance. Both players were good sports until the very end.

Grandfinal: Th0m8s_om (FRA) Vs. jafonsogv901 (FRA) 0-1

The final match was France versus France, making this the most France heavy Weekly Invitational for Europe yet.

Thom8s_om put the breaks on jafonso’s rapid-fire goals and almost scored amidst a scramble in the box, but after 70 scoreless minutes, the fate of the tournament was anyone’s guess. The stalemate took the match to a golden goal scenario. Whichever player lost even the slightest focus would end the deadlock and become the runner-up.

Th0m8s found himself with a free-kick, however, he couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity. Meanwhile, Jafonso scored an offside goal, nearly taking home the title, although soon after he struck again with a steal and a near-post goal. Thom8s gave up his first goal of the tournament and Jafonso won the fourth European FIFA 20 Open Series Weekly Invitational.

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