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SoulCalibur VI (PS4) Open Series Weekly Qualifier September 2020 #3 North America

Partial Nudity
Mild Language
In-Game Purchases
Users Interact
GameSoulCalibur VI
1 v 1
Start time :09/17/202011:00 PM
Check-in time :09/17/202010:45 PM
Signed Up :130 players
Partial Nudity
Mild Language
In-Game Purchases
Users Interact

Tournament Type: Swiss-System

Quick Rules


  1. Access the match event page (you will be able to see it in the my events tab)
  2. Click "Join Now" option
  3. Player on the top side (based on Participants section on PSN Dashboard) has to create the room
  4. Player on the bottom side (based on Participants section PSN Dashboard) has to click on “Find” and join the lobby
  5. Both players must manually report results after their match, through the match event page.

Tournament Details:

  • Format: 1on1
  • Type: Swiss System*
  • Number of rounds: 6
  • 4 rounds of Swiss with no elimination
  • After the 4th Swiss round we will turn on “Elimination after 1 loss”
  • The 5th Swiss round will start for only the players with 4:0 score, if there’s less than 16 players with a 4:0 score additional players will be added according to the ranking
  • The 6th Swiss round will start for only the players with 5:0 score
  • In case of a tie with the Buchholz system, an additional 7th round will be played with the tied players

From each Weekly Qualifier the Top16 players qualify for the regional Monthly Finals.

Match Details:

  • Default ranked settings
  • Best of 3 games
  • Round count: 3
  • Battle timer: 60 seconds
  • Stage select: Random

Additional restrictions:

  • Inferno is banned
  • No custom characters/outfits are allowed (only different colours)

*Swiss is a cup system where you won't get kicked out of a Swiss cup after your first loss, you will stay in the Swiss cup until a certain loss-threshold has been reached or the cup has finished. Every Swiss cup has a fixed amount of rounds. In every round you will be matched against opponents of your skill group, based on the current player score (for example, players who have a 1-1 score face others with the same score). A ranking will be shown at the end of the cup based on the points of every contestant's performance.

Check out the Official Rules here


  • You must sign in to PlayStation Network.
  • You must be at least 16 years of age.
  • You must have an account for PlayStation Network in one of the following countries: Canada, Mexico, United States


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