MLB The Show™ 19 PS4™ Tournaments: New Years Cup

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MLB The Show™ 19 PS4™ Tournaments: New Year's Cup

Compete for over $10,000 in MLB® The Show™ 19 PS4™ Tournaments: New Year's Cup. Win weekly rewards on your journey towards the championship. The tournament is open to all eligible participants!

Active PS Plus membership required. Must be 16+ and resident of US and Canada. Void where prohibited. See official rules.

New Year's Cup Schedule

Qualifier Type Date
Qualifier 1 January 11 (Sat)
Qualifier 2 January 12 (Sun)
Qualifier 3 January 25 (Sat)
Qualifier 4 January 26 (Sun)
Qualifier 5 February 1 (Sat)
Qualifier 6 February 2 (Sun)
Qualifier 7 February 8 (Sat)
Qualifier 8 February 9 (Sun)
New Year's Cup Final Day 1* February 15 (Sat)
New Year's Cup Final Day 2* February 16 (Sun)

*Final Day 1 - Rounds of 128 - 16.
**Final Day 2 - Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Grand Final.

Tournament Format & Prizing

Online Qualifiers

Players may qualify for the MLB The Show 19 PS4 Tournaments: New Year’s Cup Final in one of two ways: (1) placing top 8 in any given weekly qualifier (or next in line if a weekly participant has already qualified), or (2) via accumulated scoring across all qualifiers similar to the Fall Cup. The Finals tournament is thus composed of 64 direct qualifiers, and 64 cumulative points qualifiers (128 total).

Entrants will compete in a swiss tournament system, where you will gain rewards based on how well you do as well as points to qualify for the final on February 15th. The top 128 point scorers across all 8 qualifiers will be invited to the Cup Finals.

A maximum of 4 games can be played per cup. Players earn 20 points per win (max 80 points per cup or 640 for all cups) and 5 points per loss (max 20 points per cup).

Format: Swiss - 4 rounds
Innings: 3

Team Composition

Additional rules for Team Composition requirements can be found below. Players must be familiar with the rules, guidelines, and formats found here: See all official rules.

Game Setup Instructions
Each game will be played using the Diamond Dynasty mode of MLB The Show 19.

Team Selection
The participants are required to play with their Diamond Dynasty team.

Create a Player
Created players are not allowed.

Home Field
Home Field (who bats at the bottom of an inning) – Determined at all stages by seeding.
If players both have a zero or identical ranking, home field advantage is randomized.

The following overall player attribute limits apply:

Position Players:

  • 3 x 95+ diamond players
  • 3 x 85 – 94 diamond players
  • The rest 84 or below
  • No Create a Player allowed

Starting Pitchers Limit:

  • 2 x 95+ diamond starters
  • 1 x 85 – 94 diamond starter
  • The remaining 2, 84 or below
  • No Create a Player allowed

Bullpen Limit:

  • 2 x 95+ diamond bullpen pitchers
  • 2 x 85 – 94 diamond bullpen pitchers
  • 3 x 84 or below bullpen pitchers
  • No Create a Player allowed 

MLB The Show 19 Stubs Rewards

Game Settings: 

  • Mode: Diamond Dynasty
  • Game Mode: Stats Tracked
  • Innings: 3
  • Hitting Difficulty: Hall of Fame
  • Pitching Difficulty: Difficulty
  • Guess Pitch: OFF
  • Quick Counts: OFF
  • Strike Zone: ON
  • Hot Zone: OFF
  • Balks: OFF
  • Wind – Wind: OFF
  • Umpire Accuracy: Perfect
  • Umpire close plays: ON
  • Ejections: OFF
  • Injuries: OFF
  • Presentation mode: Fast play


Place Prize
1st Place 1,050,000 stubs
2nd Place 600,000 stubs
3/4th Place 150,000 stubs
5-8th Place 67,500 stubs
9-16th Place 24,000 stubs
17-32nd Place 11,000 stubs
33-64th Place 5,000 stubs

Cup Finals

Challenge yourself and advance to claim greater prizes and glory!

Format: Single Elimination, Best of 3 - 128 Person Bracket
Difficulties: Hall of Fame

  • Rounds 128-16 - 3 innings
  • Quarterfinals - 9 innings
  • Semifinals - 9 innings
  • Grand Final - 9 innings

Starting pitcher
In the Final you cannot pitch with the same SP during a Bo3 series.

  • Game 1 - you start SP 1 slot
  • Game 2 - you start SP 2 slot
  • Game 3 - you start SP 3 slot


Place Prizing
1st Place  $4,000
2nd Place  $2,000
3-4th Place  $1,000
5-8th Place  $500

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