$250 and a PS5 Await You at the Top of the Spring Win-a-Thon Leaderboard

Published on: 02/28/2022
By: PlayStation

The first Win-a-Thon of the year is finally here. Win more games in PlayStation Tournaments competitions like FIFA 22, Rainbow Six Siege, and Guilty Gear™ -Strive- for a higher spot on the Spring Win-A-Thon leaderboards. The higher your position at the end of March, the more cash you can win, with the top spot taking home $250 and a PS5. 

This time around, there will be genre-specific leaderboards: sports, shooters, and fighters. Dominate your favorite for $250. You can even win all three to become the undisputed PlayStation Tournaments champion. Win or lose, everyone will celebrate another Open Series season with PlayStation Tournaments themes and avatars. 

Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Other terms apply; see Official Rules. PlayStation Tournaments require access to a PS4 console, compatible controller, a copy of the tournament game, and a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Spring Win-A-Thon Eligible Tournaments 

Win games in any of the following PlayStation Tournaments: Open Series competitions to climb both the overall and genre-specific leaderboards. Every match won brings you one step closer to the top. Experiment with more titles and tournaments for the best chance of winning, but play at your own pace. 

Monthly Final rounds do not count toward your total number of wins. Players must reside in either North America or Europe. Both regions feature unique leaderboards and include the following competitions:


Placements aren’t final until March 31, so never give up. Those few extra wins might be enough to bump you up to the next prize. 

Seasonal Prizing

Place Prize
1 PS5 + $250
2 PS5 + $200
3 PS5 + $150
4 PS5 + $100
5 PS5 + $50
6 PS5 + $25
7 PS5
8 PS5
9-100 $100
101-250 $50
251-1000 $25

Genre Prizing

Place Prize
1 $250
2 $225
3 $200
4 $175
5 $150
6 $125
7 $100
8 $75
9-100 $25


Stay tuned to the Competition Center for weekly updates to the leaderboard standings. Track your wins and rank, then learn how to improve before jumping back into tournaments. 

NA Total

NA Fighting Games

NA FPS Games

NA Sports Games

EU Total

EU Fighting Games

EU FPS Games

EU Sports Games

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